A Lasting Impression


Shri. R. Kumar

MSSR is known as "SIR" in my family and friends circle. I first met him around 24 years back during 1983. By then I had completed my studies and was on the lookout for suitable job. From that day onwards I was associated with "Sir" for about 21 years. His contribution towards my professional growth is not measurable and whatever measure available on the earth cannot gauge that. All my career advancements have happened with his guidance and blessings. Whenever I meet my first employment related people, there was always a definite discussion with "Sir". In a software profession the two successive days will not be alike; there will be ups and downs. I was able to face my worst days in my career with courage only with the support from "Sir". Nowadays I have to think more in order to make any major decision (or) defer the decision altogether, as there is nobody to guide and support.

On the personal life also, right from my children education, investment for their future and my future, "Sir" has guided me a lot. I have discussed so many issues with him and got the guidance. I have shared my personal issues, which I have not shared with my parents and got them solved with his advice. In short "Sir" is the "God Father" for me. My family members also miss him very much. I have never come across one more person like “Sir” in my life. He is such a simple person, lead a contented life. He will extend his helping hand to any needy person across all the social barriers.


Shri. Bharat Modi

 Today completes 3 years of one of the great personality who has left a hole in my life. My memory is filled with more than twenty years of my association with him.

Here is a short note about whatever I could summarize about him. It is difficult to erase the permanently etched memories of MSSR from my mind. I can only imagine the feelings of the MSSR family and of others who were so close to him. May God give them strength.

 Prof.  M.S.S. Ramanujan

I had the got in touch with Prof. MSSR towards the end of 1981, after I graduated from BITS Pilani. Till today whenever I mention him to anyone I refer him as my "Software GURU".

In real sense he was Guruji, the first and only course which I did under him for two weeks had changed my life for ever.  During my school and college days I had lessons from number of teachers but MSSR became my guide and teacher for the rest of my life.

I felt like Ekalaiva—who could picture his Guru in his minds eye and learn everything. I used to bring MSSR within my thoughts and I was able to learn everything I wanted. The greatness about MSSR was that he shared all his knowledge like a true GURU among all his Sishyas. Indeed, I will remember one of his sayings all my life, and that was

" God fulfills everyone's need , but not greed ".

He had shared his knowledge and wisdom among his clients and that was the reason his clients left the decisions with the MSSR in full faith. He could have created many firms like Infosys, had he sold his knowledge. But alas God loves such persons and recalls them for some other great works. May his soul rest in peace.



My Life’s Turning Point Discussion with my GOD Father

I was really fortunate to spend 10 most crucial years of my life with my GOD (Father), from 21st November 1989 to 7th March 2000. During this period, I was totally taken into control by him and each and every second of my pulse was beating with a well-directed life saving machine called Mr. M S S Ramanujan. 

All days are fond days and I cannot forget even a second of my association with MSSR Sir. But that day was something special, a jewel in a crown. I expressed to MSSR Sir that I want to do BSC. That time Mr. M S S Ramanujan Sir took me to his room and had a discussion with me. He told me B Com Course instead of BSC. I told him, I do not have any idea about Commerce and Accountancy, but he told me that, you have very good interest in Commerce and Accountancy (He watched me through my job assignments), so you will come up very good in your life. He did not leave that there, he also helped me in my study activities (Both financially and functionally) till I completed my M Com Degree. As per his blessings, now I am in a Respectable position in my life as well as my carrier. Normally GOD cannot come directly and give his help for ordinary persons like me. But I am sure MSSR Sir is another Gods incarnation to guide poor people like me. Still he is my GOD in my all successful life and carrier. I would say this was my life’s turning point conversation with him.

Another Important thing I would say, in year 1999, I was totally Ill through out the year. My moral and confidence was totally lost. But Mr. MSSR gave me all his support to improve my condition. He gave me the timely Boost to come up from the crucial stage.   Now he is not with us physically, but I feel he is always with us in our entire life to give his help to make our life successful.

He has changed many a black charcoal in to a glittering diamond.