Remembering M.S.S.R

Down the memory lane


MSSR valued everyone whom he met and was valued in turn by everyone who had the chance to meet him. After he passed away, people who had met him for less than half an hour in some office stopped by to pay respects.

He valued honesty, kindness, truth and justice and treated everyone he met with respect whether the person was a colleague, a taxi driver, student or a laborer on the streets. He encouraged his students to work hard and innovate by setting an example with his own discipline of learning.

He was also very generous. He has helped many students in their education and many old people in their livelihood. All these happened without any publicity sometimes even without the knowledge his family. The best part was, he forgot immediately that he had helped so and so. And he never expected anything in return for the help done.

When he travelled for work, he would always ensure that his colleagues get equal treatment (if not more) then what he had from the customers. There was no differentiation between him and his colleagues either by way of transportation, stay (or) food. He treated his colleagues as his brothers and sisters giving them timely and proper advice on everything – be in professional life (or) personal life. He cared for them even after they left his organisation. In fact, for many of them he found career openings in other firms. This is a unique quality that can never be found with anyone else in the competitive professional world.

When it comes to a question of priority on Personal work (or) Professional work, he told his Colleagues – “First concentrate on your Personal work. After all you are working to lead your life. So, first finish that and then you can do your Professional work with full concentration”

In his Organisation, there were no attendance register, no leave records. At no point was there any legal binding to any of the people who worked with him. He was flexible about work hours and there was no hierarchy. Indeed, his colleagues at MSSRS were an extension of his family.

From some such people, here are a few recollections:

Recollections from Friends

Recollections from Students

Recollections from Colleagues

Recollections from Family